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EXO's D.O is featured in f(x)'s new song "Goodbye Summer"

If you haven’t checked out f(x)’s new album Pink Tape, I would highly recommend you jump on it right now. Not just because a majority of the songs are amazing, or because EXO’s Kai is featured in the various teasers provided with the album, but because EXO’s D.O is actually featured in one of the songs.

The track “Goodbye Summer” features D.O’s soothing vocals that pairs really well with that of Luna, Amber, and Krystal’s. The great thing is that unlike other feature artists who only have about 1 or 2 lines in a song, D.O is featured all throughout the song, in the various verses, the chorus, and even the bridge.

EXO D.O is featured in f(x) Goodbye Summer

The song talks about unrequited love, and pretty much the feeling of being friendzoned. D.O shares the man’s point of view while f(x) shares the woman’s point of view.

The song  is very soothing, yet heartbreaking, and is definitely one of the top tracks on the album. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can check it out in the YouTube video below.

  1. Schenlark Larken says

    D.O.’s voice is so smooth. I love listening to him sing.

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