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EXO’s D.O revealed he got a tattoo just for “Room Number 7”

EXO’s D.O was really immersed in his new role for his upcoming film “Room Number 7“.

At the press conference at Seoul’s Lotte Cinema for his film, Kyungsoo told everyone that this was the first time he embraced the dark comedy genre, so he really wanted to dive right in.

In real life, D.O always wanted to act out, just like his character Tae Jung.

So to be more like how his character would be in the film, Kyungsoo went out and got himself a tattoo. A real tattoo.

Yeah, that revelation caught everyone by surprise.

We’re still in shock.

But we’re glad that D.O really gets into his roles.

We would love for him to show us his tattoo one day.

In the movie, D.O’s character is a college student who is employed at the DVD room, “Room Number 7”, owned by Doo Shik (played by Shin Ha Kyun).

D.O is only working there to pay off his student debts.

The entire movie revolves around the room’s boss and employees and the secrets that they keep from each other.

The movie will premiere in South Korea in November.

We’re excited to see how a dark comedy will play out. We also want to see D.O’s humorous side come out and play.

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