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EXO’s D.O takes a photo with the other cast members of “Cart”

It looks like EXO’s D.O has already started filming for his debut acting role in the movie “Cart!

He and his fellow cast members all stood together for a group photo.

From the looks of it, it looks like D.O is actually taller than most of his fellow castmates, which I’m sure is a pleasant (and welcomed) surprise for him.

He also looks very dashing and young in this photo, making him great for the role of Yeom Jungah’s character’s son.

EXO's D.O takes a photo with his fellow cast members of Cart
Cr: PDtheripper


The movie “Cart” is about a single mother named Yunhee (Yeom Jungah) who is laid off from her job at a mega supermarket. She has to find a way to support her family while also dealing with unemployment.

We wish D.O the best of luck on his first acting role, and a movie-role none-the-less.

Filming has just started, and there has yet to be an official release date for the movie. We hope it’s a big hit!

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