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EXO’s D.O to appear in “Hello Monster” K-Drama

EXO’s D.O has already lined up another acting gig on top of EXO’s upcoming web-series “EXO Next Door“.

His new gig is for KBS’s new drama “Hello Monster“, which is set to premiere in June.

It’s a tiny gig though, seeing as D.O will only be making small appearances as a person from the main character’s mysterious past in the first two episodes in the series.

Everyone’s so excited to see D.O’s acting again that his name has been trending on social media!

EXO D.O to make appearance in Hello Monster K drama

“Hello Monster” is a drama about a dangerous man and his stalker. The two develop feelings for each other, which they hide away.

Choi Won Yeong, who has been confirmed to be playing the male lead, will take on the role of a science researcher from a foreign company. They supply chemicals and machinery to both the police and to universities.

He familiarizes himself with ongoing criminal cases and is also in a position to manipulate crime scene investigations. He is a mysterious person, who has no family or friends, and an unknown past.

“Hello Monster” already sounds like it’ll be a hit! It sounds like a mystery thriller that will keep everyone captivated week after week.

We can’t wait to see D.O appear in the series. We’re sure he’ll help boost the ratings of the first two episodes of Hello Monster.

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