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EXO’s D.O to be referred to as Do Kyungsoo in acting gigs

SM Entertainment has confirmed that EXO’s D.O will be referred to by his birth name, Do Kyungsoo, during his acting activities.

That means that when people search up his movie “Cart or his upcoming drama series “It’s Alright, It’s Love“, people will find Do Kyungsoo in the credits instead of D.O.

It makes a lot more sense to do things this way. His stage name would’ve appeared weird in the credits.

As far as we can tell though, he will still remain our lovable, squishy D.O when promoting as an EXO member.

EXO's D.O to be referred to as Do Kyungsoo for acting gigs

Do Kyungsoo will be wrapping up filming for “Cart” soon, and the movie is expected to be released sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year.

As soon as he’s done filming for “Cart”, he will jump right into filming for “It’s Alright, It’s Love”. He will be playing an innocent high school student aspiring to be a best-selling fiction novelist to make his mother happy.

Do Kyungsoo is seeing a lot of success! We hope his acting is well-received by the public.

We hope D.O can find time to rest while balancing his promotions with EXO and filming for his gigs.

We also hope that SM Entertainment gives the other EXO members as many opportunities as D.O. We would love to see all of them pursuing their own individual activities.

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