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EXO’s D.O to star in SBS’s upcoming drama “It’s Alright, It’s Love”

EXO’s D.O is just snagging role after role. Who knew that D.O was such a coveted actor?

He is currently filming for his movie “Cart”, which is set to premiere sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year (some are saying around September).

But once he finishes filming for “Cart”, he will be reviewing scripts and acting out scenes for his upcoming role in SBS’s upcoming drama “It’s Alright, It’s Love“.

The drama will begin airing this July!

EXO's D.O to star in SBS's upcoming drama It's Alright It's Love

D.O will be playing the role of Han Kangwoo.

Han Kangwoo is an innocent high school student who aspires to be a best-selling fiction novelist. He hopes that by becoming one, he can make his mother happy and proud of him.

The writers say that D.O’s role will start off mysterious and will progressively grow throughout the drama. His innocence will play a huge role in the series.

Aside from D.O, actor Jo In Sung and actress Gong Hyo Jin have been cast in the drama as well.

“It’s Alright, It’s Love” is a mentally stimulating drama about people who have mental disabilities, yet don’t know it themselves. They have all these needs and desires in both love and life, but are forced to suppress their feelings.

It has already garnered a lot of attention even before airing.

Are you excited to see D.O in “It’s Alright, It’s Love”? His role is expected to be in-between a main role and a supporting role. As the drama carries on, he will become more and more important in the series.


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