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EXO’s full “Boy Who Cried Wolf” video tape

EXO’s collaboration shop “Boy Who Cried Wolf” is doing very well, attracting EXO fans from all around to the school-themed museum-like store.

While the store mainly has clothing for men, there are a lot of other items for all of you fan girls out there. These can range from accessories to drinking cups to autographed merchandise.

But I wouldn’t doubt that fans girls purchased some men’s clothing just to support EXO.

EXO Boy Who Cried Wolf VCR footage

The store is divided into 4 levels. In the basement level, you have the “library” and “gymnasium.

On the first floor, you have the “cafetorium” and the “common room + theater”.

The second story has the “class room” and “principal’s office”, and finally on the third floor lies the dorm rooms.

Also, the outside of the store has been amped up as well, providing entertainment such as ping-pong for shop-goers to have fun and take a break.

EXO Boy Who Cried Wolf VCR footage 1

Before the store opened up, the 12 members of EXO got together and vandalized the store with messages, drawings, signatures, and more. They also took polaroids and placed it all throughout the store for fans to find and enjoy.

All of the vandalism was caught on a 17-minute video-tape and is being played at the store on a VCR. The video, which you can see below, shows the boys goofing around with their permanent markers. Chen’s trolling the area, D.O’s showing his prowess in drawing, Kris is misspelling English words, and all of the members end their days stuffing their faces with their shop’s delicious cuisine.

The shop is only open for a short while longer, so if you’re heading to Korea soon, or are currently in Korea, be sure to check it out!

EXO – Boy Who Cried Wolf full video – Credit: Tik Tak Tao – Also be sure to check out pictures of the BWCW shop, compliments of SMent.EXO.

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