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EXO’s Growl is the only idol song on “Songs Koreans like to sing” list

A Korea Gallup poll, that was just released today, surveyed 1,700 people on their favorite hobbies.

On that list was the question, “What song do you love to sing?” and EXO’s Growl was the only idol song to make the list!

It’s no surprise that the average Korean isn’t a fan of idol songs… which we can tell by just reading the netizen section of any Korean news outlet.

So we’re glad and excited that EXO’s Growl managed to break into the Top 10 songs Koreans love to sing.  It’s been 1 1/2 years since the song was released too, and it’s still widely popular.

EXO Growl on idol song Koreans Love to Sing

Sure, only 0.7% of the voters chose EXO’s Growl as a song that they love to sing, but we’re still happy! And Growl was actually close to making it to the Top 5 songs on the list.

Here is the breakdown of the top 5 songs and the percentage of votes they garnered.

Other songs on the list included:

  1. Oh Seung Geun – “What’s Wrong With My Age” – 2%
  2. Park Sang Chul – “Unconditionally” – 1.4%
  3. (Tied for 2nd place) Noh Sa Yeon – “Meeting” – 1.4%
  4. Jang Yoon Jung – “Oh My Goodness” – 1.1%
  5. Lee Mi Ja – “Camellia Young Lady” – 1%
  6. (Tied for 5th place) Kim Soo Hee – “Southbound Train”. – 1%

With just a little bit more votes, EXO could’ve definitely pushed into the top 5.

Growl is such a popular song that it’s still relevant nearly two years from its original release. Even international celebrities like Kel Mitchell can’t help but be impressed with it.

Hopefully Growl falls into the legendary status like Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and Girls’ Generation’s Gee one day.


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