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EXO’s Growl tops Hanteo’s charts for 2 weeks straight! VIXX follows behind in 3rd place


EXO’s repackaged XOXO album “Growl” has dominated Hanteo’s charts for two weeks straight. Both the Kiss and the Hug version of the album have taken the #1 and #2 spot on the chart respectively.

With their album selling at a consistent, high-rate, it’s no wonder these boys are winning music shows left and right (well technically only two, but still).

But EXO isn’t the only rookie group taking the spotlight on Hanteo’s charts. This week, VIXX’s repackaged album “Jekyll” has claimed the #3 spot, despite being released almost 3 weeks ago! Those boys are climbing up the K-Pop ladder quickly as well. I’m impressed that all 3 albums are doing so well, especially considering they’re repackaged albums, and from rookies. It just goes to show just how loyal fandoms are.

EXO's Growl tops Hanteo's charts for two weeks straight. Vixx comes in 3rd place

What is surprising to me however is that B.A.P’s BADMAN seems to be nowhere on the Top 5 on Hanteo’s chart. Perhaps it’s an error? Or perhaps the boys of B.A.P fare better on other charts.

EXO's repackaged XOXO album Growl dominates Hanteo's charts two weeks straight

I will have to get back to you with the exact sales figures for EXO’s albums. I’m assuming both copies have sold a combined total of about 150,000 copies so far though. I wonder how long before they set another record.

Source: EXOCanada

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