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EXO’s highlight medley for Overdose to be released today!

We’re inching closer and closer to EXO’s comeback!

And to tease us even further, SM Entertainment has announced that today, it will be releasing the highlight medley for EXO’s mini-album “Overdose”.

EXO’s mini-album will contain a total of 5 tracks, which is a bit of a bummer, but hey! We’ll take what we can get.

They probably had to keep things short because at the moment, they’re recording for their Japanese debut album as well.

EXO's highlight medley for Overdose to be released today

EXO will be holding a comeback showcase tomorrow, giving lucky fans a taste of what they can expect from their upcoming mini-album.

Fans are already dyingto see EXO’s comeback. So much so that they even crashed Samsung Music’s website trying to win tickets to the showcase.

EXO has proven that they’re still as popular and powerful as before, despite rumors that their fanbase is dwindling.

We hope that EXO’s highlight showcase and comeback medley shows everyone that they’re back and even better than ever.

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