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EXO's interview at Yoo In Na's Volume Up (with videos and translations)

EXO made another appearance on Yoo In Na’s Volume Up today and there they provided more answers to questions that fans have been dying to know. Alongside the Q&A session, there were various live performances throughout the interview that showcased EXO’s increasingly improved vocals.

Without further ado, here are the translations to the questions asked and the answers provided by EXO. Thanks to @HAPPYLUHANS and @EXOGlobal  for the information.

EXO interview at Yoo In Na Volume Up (with videos and translations)



Kai: I am Kai, who just transformed into a blonde!


Yoo In Na: Xiumin is your face okay? After getting the kisses?

Suho: His face was cringing when he was kissing me!

Xiumin: I didn’t like it.


Fan: What is an overused question that you don’t want to get?

EXO: Ideal types.

Yoo In Na: No! We can’t take that out!


EXO: The song is about “growling” so that the other boys won’t take your girl away.

Chanyeol: Yes, it’s a very manly song.


Fan: Are you jealous of a member’s certain part?

Chen: I love Suho’s part when he runs around the entire stage.

Suho: I like my part too.


Yoo Ah In: There are 220 pictures in the repackaged album?

EXO: There’s actually just over 200, or 100… sorry we forgot.


*Lay is reading the instructions to text questions to the radio show*

EXO: Wow!

Yoo In Na: Why is the script unnie telling me to say it again?


Yoo In Na: Have you ever been very protective over your girlfriend and “growled”?

Lay: I have. Someone was bothering my girlfriend, so I “growled”.


Yoo In Na: I feel like girls will have to “growl” to protect Luhan.

Chanyeol: Luhan is actually very manly despite his looks.


Fan: Chanyeol! Why are you always standing still during the most hard dancing parts?

Chanyeol: I’m not standing! I’m supposed to be in the background!


Fan: Were there any injuries?

Kai: We always stretch beforehand because they warned us that we have to. Xiumin got a lot of bruises though.


Yoo In Na: Does Xiumin still wake up extremely early every day?

EXO: It’s a little bitter but… (laughs).


Kai: Though our waists hurt, our knees actually hurt more because of the intense dancing.


Fan: Baekhyun, are you going to be on We Got Married?

Baekhyun: We have a schedule there, I heard the first time, but I’ll probably just be there to cheer for Taemin.


Fan: Do the Chinese members go to saunas?

Tao: Baekhyun helped me wash my back!

Baekhyun: I do it well! I was trying to teach him Korean culture.


Fan: My younger sister is dating my friend who’s a bad boy. What do I do?

Sehun: Oh no.

Chen: I asked as a joke to Xiumin if I could meet up with his sister, but he very seriously told me no.

Baekhyun: That’s because you were the one who asked.

Xiumin: Still no.

Yoo In Ah: Which member will you approve your sister of dating?

Xiumin: Must I really choose?

Baekhyun: We are all nice oppas.

Baekhyun: If I had a younger sister, I would introduce her to Suho. He would buy her lots of food and treat her well!

Baekhyun: I wouldn’t introduce her to Kai. Kai is slightly cold.

Chen: I would say Kris. He’s even colder!

Kris: What does that mean?

Kris: But if I find a girl that I like, I will change from being a cold person.

EXO: But Kai wouldn’t change!


Yoo In Na: Which member can’t refuse when others ask them favors?

EXO: Chanyeol and Luhan.

Chen: Luhan is the member who is the worst at refusing other’s pleas and rejecting people.

Yoo In Na: Who would refuse?

EXO: KAI!! He’s cold!!

Kai: I believe you need to straight out say “No” when you don’t want to.

Chanyeol: But I can’t do that!


Fan: I like a girl who likes someone else. Were any EXO members in my situation before?

EXO: Nope!


Yoo In Na: Are there any times when you want to date?

Baekhyun: Sometimes. Well, we don’t have much time.

Chanyeol: When we watch “We Got Married”, we want to.


Yoo In Na: would you pursue someone that you like or keep quiet?

Chen: Of course go for her.

Chanyeol: Yes, like men!

Kai: Listen to Growl!


Yoo In Na: Kyungsoo didn’t say anything. If the girl you like liked someone else?

Kyungsoo: I would just ask her out. If she rejects me, that’s fine.


*Chanyeol, D.O, Baekhyun, and Suho sing “Baby, Don’t Cry” live*


Fan: Was the mic too high? Hide their feet so you can’t see them tip-toeing!

Baekhyun: During some parts, I tip-toed just a bit!


Fan: Do you still have family meetings together?

Suho: Yes, we still do! We talked about Growl of course. But we do it less frequently now since we have to go to music show recordings. But we still keep that system and hold a family meeting every now and then. Baekhyun and Chanyeol participate really enthusiastically.

Chanyeol: Suho leads it.

Suho: Kai is the type who goes straight to the point, pinpointing the problems.

Kai: There are some things that my hyungs don’t really say, so I just say everything!

Yoo In Na: Yes, you need someone like that.


Yoo In Na: But there isn’t a fanbase name yet for EXO fans?

EXO: We’re making it. So far, we’ve gotten “Exorcist” and “EXOkiss” from fans.


Fan: How do you wash together?

EXO: We don’t even lock the door, we just go in together like a public washroom!

Chanyeol: Our bathroom door can be opened with a cotton bud.

Yoo In Na: Do you go in if someone is using the toilet?

Chanyeol: If there’s the sound of water, they’re taking a shower and we just go in. But if the bathroom is quiet, we don’t go in because we know they’re “doing something big”. We still respect each other’s privacy.


Yoo In Na: Why is it that when Kyungsoo takes photos, he looks a bit embarrassed?

Baekhyun: He gets shy.

EXO: Kyungsoo’s really shy and isn’t comfortable doing the “V” sign in front of cameras. If he does aegyo, his ears turn so red.


Fan: When you’re watching TV, which girl group do you watch the most closely.

Baekhyun: We monitor everyone.


Fan: What about “Wendy” for the EXO fanclub name?

Fan: What about “Squid”?

EXO: Wendy is cool!

EXO: Fans started calling themselves Squids because they looked in the mirror and compared to EXO they look like Squids. Don’t be like that.

Fan: What about “Moo” (In Korean)?

EXO: Why?

Yoo In Na: Oh! Because EXO, the “So” sound is “Cow”!


Yoo In Nah: Are you sleeping Tao?

Tao: No

Suho: He can’t understand us.

Tao: No!


Suho: Since I said I liked schoolgirl types with long hair, people come to fansigns holding a book saying “I’m growing my hair for you!” So I will change it! You can have short hair! I will love everyone!

EXO: Yes! Our ideal type is everyone if you love us!


Chen gets ready to sing “Please love her” by Ha Dong Kyun live.

EXO: Isn’t the mic too high for you?

Chen: No, it’s not high for me!


Yoo In NA: Kyungsoo, can you sing us a short live?

Kyungsoo: Love~~~~ end!

Baekhyun: I’ll sing a little live to!


Yoo In Na: what gives you strength these days?

Baekhyun: When we go on stage, we’re suddenly full of energy! Our fans are our endorphins (he said it in English).

Suho: Though there may be noonas… oppa loves you.

Sehun: Oppa loves you. Love us a lot please!

Xiumin: Oppa doesn’t talk a lot. Love you!

) (Full video)

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