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EXO’s Kai opens for the 2013 MAMA awards with a dance routine

The 2013 MAMA awards are taking place right now, and one of the opening acts for the show was EXO’s Kai!

He performed a great dance routine for the opening show, getting the crowd amped up and excited for the ceremony to begin.

It’s a great honor for EXO to be given performances at the 2013 MAMA awards, especially since they’re still considered rookie artists compared to the other acts at the show tonight.

EXO’s Kai’s performance was spectacular, especially with all of the CGI effects that were happening in the background.

Kai performs the opening stage for the 2013 MAMA awards

Kai performed a dance routine to a dubstep track, and he was moving flawlessly and striking his moves with grace.

The crowd was loving his performance and the EXO members stood up and showed their support for their fellow member.

If you haven’t seen Kai’s performance yet, you can check it out in the video below!

Also, stay tuned for more news related to EXO as well as other Kpop Rookie groups at the 2013 MAMA awards. EXO is up for 4 awards. Let’s hope they win at least one, if not all of them tonight.

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