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EXO’s Kris and Chanyeol take selcas with Henry at SMTOWN Beijing

After finishing up their performances at SMTOWN Beijing, EXO’s Kris and Chanyeol each took a selca with their labelmate Henry!

The boys had a long and successful concert, and they wanted to take pictures to capture the unforgettable night. The boys took their selcas in front of their sea of fans!

Kris made a cool, manly pose with Henry while Chanyeol, of course, took a goofy picture.

EXO had a great night. They only got to perform 4 of their songs for SMTOWN, but they rocked their performances. They opened up with HISTORY, did their introductions, and then followed through with Wolf, MAMA, and Growl. They performed a mix of both their Korean and Chinese versions of their songs.

EXO's Kris and Chanyeol take a selca with Henry at SMTOWN Beijing 1

In addition to their official tracks, EXO performed some sub-in performances, cover performances, and dance performances at SMTOWN as well.

Kris performed “Like a G6” alongside f(x)’s Amber and SHINee’s Key.

Chen and D.O performed Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” with Super Junior’s Ryeowook.

Sehun subbed in for Minho for SHINee’s performance of “Love Like Oxygen“.

Luhan subbed in for Minho for SHINee’s performance of “Lucifer“, and he also was the main dancer in BoA’s song “Only One“.

Kai and Tao performed a dance battle performance alongside all of the other main dancers in SM Entertainment

All in all, it was a really fun and successful night! It’s great to see EXO performing in SMTOWN alongside their seniors. Here’s hoping SMTOWN brings EXO to a city near you.

EXO's Kris and Chanyeol take a selca with Henry at SMTOWN Beijing

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