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EXO’s Kris and Tao snap pictures with Far East Movement

EXO’s Kris and Tao, or Taoris, both got a quick picture in with Far East Movement before the two groups performed at MTV’s World Stage in Malaysia.

Both EXO and Far East Movement were selected as special guests to perform at the event alongside Robin Thicke and Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow.

The pictures caught fans’ attentions because of all of the Taoris feels they give off.

Both Kris and Tao used these photos as their default profile pictures on Weibo, showing EXO fans that Taoris is real and going strong.

EXO's Kris and Tao snap pictures with Far East Movement!

But if you follow Tao on Weibo, you know that he changes his Weibo profile picture like every single day, so cherish this Taoris moment while it lasts!

EXO's Kris and Tao snap pictures with Far East Movement! 1

The boys did a wonderful job at the MTV World Stage in Malaysia. They performed their latest hits Wolf and Growl, their classic track History, and their crowd-pleaser 3.6.5. Fans were super hyped up for their performance, and they even sang Chen an early Happy Birthday song (his real birthday is on September 21st!).

If you couldn’t attend the concert, and you missed the live broadcasting, you can check this post on when MTV plans on re-broadcast the concert!

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