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EXO’s Kris awarded with the MVP award on “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2”

We have always known that EXO’s Kris is an amazing basketball player.

He has played basketball his entire life, and was even the team captain of his middle school’s basketball team. Before Kris moved to Canada, his coaches tried to get him to stay because he was so valuable to them.

In several interviews, Kris has stated that if he were not a K-Pop star and that if he wasn’t an EXO member, he would have chosen being a basketball player as his career.

In the latest episode of “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2“, Kris was able to realize both of his dreams.

EXO's Kris wins the MVP award at Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 1

During the November 24th episode of “Let’s Go Dream Team”, Kris, who was team captain of  “EXOSTY” (composed of both him, Tao and the boys of TASTY), was awarded MVP status by the variety program!

Technically, the award was supposed to go to actor Kim Hyuk, who led the winning team “Nom Nom Nom“. However, because Kim Hyuk used to be a professional basketball player, the show deemed it inappropriate to give him the award.

That meant that the runner-up was Kris! Even though his team didn’t make it into the final battle, he still played very well.

Congratulations to Kris for winning MVP Status at Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2! This variety show is a perfect fit for him and I hope he makes future appearances on the show.

EXO's Kris wins the MVP award at Let's Go Dream Team Season 2


Source: Soompi

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  2. arina25 says

    i watched that episode and one thing is clear..exo fans are really scary..they yelled at other players who tried to block the boys…its basketball for god sake!!! I guessed to appease the fans ,,kris was given the MVP awards…talk abt crazy fans..i just hope exo will not be destroyed by their own fans’ actions..

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