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EXO’s Kris caught up in scandal rumors with Chinese actress Lin Xi Ya


Update 2: Looks like netizens aren’t believing these rumors either. Some are accusing Lin Xi Ya of “leaking” these photos for attention. Apparently these photos were posted sometime before, so it’s questionable why all of these news sites are bringing them back up again. Translations from NetizenBuzz are posted below.

Update: One of the alleged photos looks nothing like Kris. And we barely get to see the guy’s face. AND he doesn’t have a tattoo on his arm, like Kris does. I think it’s safe to say that these rumors are false. Nice try Chinese media reporters. You can see the picture for yourself at the bottom of this post.


Talk about horrible timing, or perhaps this is media play, but EXO’s Kris is caught up in scandal rumors with Chinese actress Lin Xi Ya.

Chinese news outlets are reporting that Lin Xi Ya’s phone has been hacked, and several photos of her with well-known celebrities have been leaked.

It’s said that some of these photos are sexual.

Along with EXO’s Kris, there are apparently some scandalous photos of Lin Xi Ya with other Chinese celebrities like Jay Chou, Kenji Woo, Zhang Han, and Peng Yu Yan floating around the internet. One of the photos revealed was of a man who looks similar to Jang Geun Suk.

EXO's Kris caught up in scandal rumors with Li Xi Ya

There was one text conversation revealed from Lin Xi Ya’s phone that was released through these media outlets. The man who texted her was named “Chris“, and he sent her messages like “I miss you” and “Good night, my love”.

Now, of course, there are PLENTY of people with the name “Chris” in this world, but the Chinese media linked those text messages with some previous pictures of EXO going out for drinks with Lin Xi Ya.

It’s kind of their way of putting two and two together. She shared those pictures through her SNS account, causing some big problems for the EXO members.

Hopefully this “Chris” guy really isn’t Kris…

But nonetheless, this will harm Kris’s image. Fans don’t like it when their idols are accused of dating scandals. I’m sure fans are already working their investigative magic to see if these rumors really are true.

Ah, this sucks because these scandal rumors erupted just a few days before Kris’s birthday, and just before EXO’s comeback as well! I hope that none of these rumors are true and that Kris’s name is cleared. SM Entertainment will have to work its PR magic.

We should keep an eye out within these next few days. More of these pictures should be revealed soon.

And of course, this could just be Lin Xi Ya’s agency blowing smoke and trying to build her image up. Apparently she’s trying to debut in a Kpop group soon called “Shi Ya“, and well… the more exposure, the better.

Of course, in the Kpop world, there is such a thing as bad press and this girl is full of it.

Here are what K-Netizens are saying:

  • 1. [+405, -66] The Kris guy looks completely different and the picture where it’s supposedly Jang Geun Suk was taken last year… seems like she’s just pulling em all out now for attention.
  • 2. [+283, -41] I saw the picture and well, hmm…. I won’t say anything in case I get sued
  • 3. [+317, -80] It was proven a long time ago that it wasn’t them, why bring it back up now ㅡㅡ Both aren’t involved, it was another man and Kris doesn’t know her at all. The girl just made the entire thing up.
  • 4. [+65, -19] Chinese fans went crazy when Kris got involved but they managed to find that the location of a tattoo was different. They already proved that it isn’t Kris.
  • 5. [+53, -13] Definitely not Kris or Jang Geun Suk, I saw the picture on Weibo… it’s just an octopus looking man with a thin face. It’s already been proven that it’s not them ㅋㅋ

Source: Soompi

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  1. rollinglikeabuffalo says

    How is it that the conversation that ”Chris” and Lin Xi Ya had was in 2011 and is being linked with those pictures that were revealed in the mid-2012? It doesn’t make sense at all.

  2. 大马姐 says

    kris doesn’t have flappy arms, he has some muscle on them unlike the guy in that picture and kris doesn’t shave his armpits and most important, kris has tatoos on the same side!

  3. QueenKongYang XD says

    -_- Why is everyone talking about it again if it was already revealed as a fluke? It’s only going to get spread around again and people that weren’t in the fandom before are gonna believe it.

  4. Ai Wei Ong says

    WTF!!! WHO is this stupid actor from China? omfg….. she might wan to be like the korean adult actress to get attention…… photoshop famous k pop idols with her dirty stuff including jay chou ? wtf man……

  5. avixxx says

    are people actually saying that man in the photo is kris? (╯°Д°)╯︵/ why do they make false accusations based on nothing but a few blurry photo’s? it’s just wrong and i’m sure kris has his rights as a person to end this fuckery. I still haven’t seen S.M Ent. deny these rumors and if his company doesn’t have faith in him who does except for the fans? Sure the public might listen to the fan’s but it’s not enough nor official enough! the press might pass it off as blind love towards their idol not matter what he does {i know exotics are not that shallow}. S.M.Ent needs to take action before it’s too late and damage is caused…damage that cannot be fixed.

  6. HeatDynasty says

    what a slut

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