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EXO’s Kris has hot pot with Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi

Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi treated out his fellow hoobae, EXO’s Kris, to a nice dinner of hot pot!

The boys were starving, so they decided to be “gluttons” and pig out in one of South Korea’s hot pot joints.

It’s nice to see these two hanging out and showing off their close friendship. They have been very close friends since even before Kris debuted. Like JYP and SM Entertainment has stated before, the Chinese K-Pop idols tend to get along very well with each other.

They immediately develop rapport with each other, which is no surprise. They’re in a different country where they don’t fully understand the language, so when they find someone else who speaks their native tongue, they immediately want to be friends.

EXO's Kris has lunch with Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi

I do wonder where the other Chinese members of EXO are, like Luhan, Lay or Tao. Maybe Zhou Mi just wanted some one-on-one bonding time with Kris? But then again, who doesn’t?

I hope they had a great meal! Kris certainly deserves a nice meal out, especially since it was just announced that he was awarded MVP status on the latest episode of “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2“!

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