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EXO’s Kris impresses netizens on “Our Neighborhood Fine Arts”

EXO’s Kris recently made an appearance on the TV show “Our Neighborhood Fine Arts“, where he played basketball with the “Cool Kiz on the Block“.

If you didn’t know already, “Our Neighborhood Fine Arts” is a show where celebrity guests, also known as the “Cool Kiz on the Block”, travel to various neighborhoods in Korea to compete against regular citizens in a sports match.

The sports vary from episode-to-episode, and of course for the basketball episode, KBS wanted EXO’s Kris on the show.

Kris played very well throughout the episode, impressing netizens with his prowess in basketball as well as his great sportsmanlike behavior.

EXO's Kris impresses netizens on Our Neighborhood Fine Arts

Netizens stated that they didn’t really expect much of Kris, and they were amazed at how quickly he moved and how precise his actions were. They complimented him on all of the good plays he made yesterday, especially one shot that was incredibly difficult to pull off.

And of course, the netizens complimented him on his amazingly, handsome anime-like looks.

Here are some of the netizen’s comments translated by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+476, -48] Don’t hate on him before seeing the broadcast. He wasn’t just stuck on the show for being an idol, Kris really did well. He was a good team player and made a lot of individual plays as well.

2. [+346, -42] He looks like a character straight out of Slam Dunk

3. [+270, -32] Kris is quite good at basketball. I expected him to be a bit clumsy because of his tall height but he has good speed and skills.

4. [+269, -37] He really looks like a character out of a basketball comic

5. [+254, -33] He’s a good basketball player. Made one of the hardest shoots in yesterday’s match.

As expected of Kris, who won the MVP award on “Let’s Go Dream Team”. Hopefully we see him in more sports-related TV shows soon!

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  1. Winwin Shopie says

    Kris JJang!!! I’ve watched this ep, he even made coach woo impressed

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