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EXO’s Kris warns Weibo users of an impostor account

EXO’s Kris wrote a post on his personal Weibo account warning his 300,000+ followers of an impostor account.

The account he’s talking about goes by the username @WYF-an. Kris stated to his fans that he only has time to manage one account, so don’t trust @WYF-an or any other impostor accounts of actually being him.

The impostor account managed to gain over 70,000 followers within a short amount of time by fooling everyone with fake posts.

Kris asked all of his fans to share his post with everyone else in order to keep up awareness. Fake accounts are dangerous because some of the more gullible fans can believe all of the fake nonsense that’s posted.

EXO's Kris warns Weibo users of an impostor account kpop rookies

Judging from EXO’s explosive popularity, it’s no surprise that there would be a few people who would want to impersonate Kris and his account. What these people intend to do with these fake accounts? Who knows.

EXO's Kris warns Weibo users of an impostor account kpop rookies 1

Maybe they wanted to defame him. Maybe they want to show just how much of a sasaeng fan they are, or maybe they just wanted the attention (well they sure got it). Whatever the case may be, these accounts need to be cancelled.

In related news, let’s all wish Kris a safe trip back to Canada! According to a producer/writer for EXO, @theofficialDR, Kris is on his way back to his hometown most likely to take a short vacation and visit family/friends!

 Image Credit: Destined & EXOGlobal

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