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EXO’s Lay and Kai join Hyoyeon for a special stage on Dancing 9


EXO’s Kai and Lay joined forces with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon for a special stage on Mnet’s Dancing 9! The 3 main dancers of their respective groups showed off their sexy charisma, spectacular dancing skills, and impressive synchronization in their 2-minute long performance.

Hyoyeon revealed that she asked EXO’s Lay and Kai for help because she wanted to prepare a fun show for all of “Dancing 9’s” viewers. She said,

“By personally participating in ‘Dancing 9’ as a ‘Blue Eye’ master, I learned and was very touched by the contestants who work hard to fulfill their dreams. I want to have fun with the viewers who tune in to support these contestants every Saturday night, so I called my hoobaes.”

EXO Lay and Kai join Hyoyeon for a special stage on Dancing 9

The three SMTOWN members performed to Knife Party’s “Centipede” and Gent & Jawns “Coco”. There was one tiny mistake when Lay accidentally dropped his hat, but it’s okay because the group performed as if nothing happened. Kai nonchalantly kicked the hat away when he had a chance.

They all performed their dance routine effortlessly, showing just how skilled they are at dancing. It was nice to see these members being able to show off their prime abilities.

You can catch their performance below!

Source: Allkpop

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