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EXO’s Lay breaks major records with “Lose Control”


Lay, you are phenomonal.

EXO’s Lay has broken several records with his mini-album “Lose Control”, released on October 28th, 2016.

The mini-album made history in South Korea with having the most sales in 5 different criterias:

  1. Hanteo Charts: 248,030 copies sold, making it the highest solo album sales in Hanteo’s history.
  2. Gaon Charts: 274,238 copies sold, making it the highest solo album sales in Gaon’s history.
  3. 1st day sales: 50,000 copies, making it the highest sold solo-album thus far in South Korea.
  4. 1st week sales: 125,000 copies, making it the solo album with the highest 1st week sales in South Korea (record broken in only 5 days).
  5. Lay ranked #1 solo artist in South Korea for 2016, with his album placing #4 on yearly charts, only being beat out by groups.

Lay has achieved so much in 2016, and we hope that these record-breaking accomplishments will only make SM Entertainment give him more opportunities in 2017.

Here are what Lay’s fans are saying on Weibo, translated by NetzonEXO:

EXO Lay breaks major records with Lose Control mini album

Overall upvotes: +29 327
[+1272] Unleashing my pride
[+1006] Zhang Yixing is our pride
[+742] Nowadays working in the music industry is difficult, with the shrinking music market, what sort of results did this self-made first album by Zhang Yixing achieve? There are only 2 of Korea’s physical sales charts, Gaon and Hanteo, he is the solo artist with the highest sales on both charts, the man who became number one. In the country there isn’t another celebrity that can sell (averagely 100 yuan per copy) this many copies the past few years
[+567] Amazing, my Yixing!!! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!! Jiayou jiayou jiayou jiayou jiayou
[+457] Looking forward to Zhang CEO’s next child to break these records again
[+376] Zhang Yixing, amazing,, waiting for you to break your own records
[+262] Really amazing
[+227] Zhang CEO is amazing
[+202] Our Music-Xing ❤️ congratulations
 Zhang Yixing’s album breaks records! […] Honestly speaking, achieving such results in Korea is really to be acknowledged, and deserves to be praised, as expected from Little Pride!
Overall upvotes: +7065
[+719] Korea’s solo records was broken by a Chinese, really giving the Chinese a good image
[+543] Just one line ‘broke Korea’s solo records’, it’s also something that the Chinese feel happy about just thinking about it, Zhang Yixing is just this awesome
[+474] Whether you like Zhang Yixing or not, but you must know that in the future, when other Korean solo artists lift up their heads, it’s Zhang Yixing this Chinese man that they’ll see holding the records, plus the album’s songs were all Mandarin songs written, composed and produced by Zhang Yixing himself, we should be proud of this fact, Zhang Yixing is standing on the world’s stage, living with the image all Chinese people should have!
[+320] Bringing pride to the Chinese, as expected it’s our Little Pride
[+317] Even though I’m not a fan, but I still feel proud..

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