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EXO’s Lay composes the BGM to Seulgi and Irene’s dance practice clip

EXO’s Lay is realizing yet another one of his dreams!

One of his original compositions was used as a BGM in SM Entertainment’s dance practice clip for Seulgi and Irene!

I’m surprised at how great it sounds.

The beat is great and the melody is both relaxing, yet sensual.

EXO's Lay composes the BGM for Seulgi and Irene's dance practice clip

Lay has always stated how much he wanted to compose music, and it looks like SM Entertainment is helping him realize his dream.

Maybe in EXO’s future albums, some of Lay’s original compositions will be included as well.

Who knows, maybe Kris will realize his dream of writing lyrics as well, and the both of them can team-up together for an EXO masterpiece.

You can check out Lay’s BGM in Seulgi and Irene’s dance practice clip below!

  1. Vanessa Anne says

    Waaah. I’m so happy for Lay. :> I hope Kris’ achieves his dream also. <3

  2. […] since he already composed a song for SM ROOKIES, his days of composing music for EXO and possibly other artists isn’t too far […]

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