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EXO’s Lay donates ambulances to hospitals in need

Bless our Yixing, he’s always helping out those in need.

It has been reported that Lay recently donated 10 ambulances to children’s hospitals, maternity hospitals, and impoverished hospitals in the city that he was born in; Changsha.

What an amazing, and incredibly thoughtful gift.

No, really. Most people would just donate money, which is of course great in itself, but Yixing actually thought to himself, “Why not buy what these hospitals need instead of just throwing money at them?”.

EXO Lay Yixing donates ambulances to hospitals

Netizens have been showering Yixing with praises, unreservedly.

Here is what they are saying, translated by Netizen Nation:

EXO Lay Yixing donates ambulances to hospitals located in Changsha

Top Comments:

[+1086] Never stop doing charity. #ZhangYixing

[+961] He is never absent when it comes to charity. His music is also good.

[+859] Just saw a post: A friend of mine told me how many cars his/her idol has and asking mine. I said i don’t know but I only know he donated 10 ambulances.
(I love him for life!)

[+716] Sending my tremendous love to Zhang Yixing.

[+467] Xing-Charity. Xing-Action.

[+427] Doing charity is just good.

[+392] A good young man with a heart of gold.

[+320] Good job, Changsha young man!

[+266] Our Changsha Little Pride deserves praises.

[+251] Non-fan passing by, but I need to support and praise him for doing such good things.

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