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EXO’s Lay pours his heart out to his fans

EXO’s Lay has written a long and heartfelt message on EXO-M’s official website. In his long post, he expresses his gratefulness, worries, and compassion to all of his fans.

Lay says that he is continuing to work hard, and that he will never stop doing his best. He says that sometimes he worries that he may not be living up to his full potential and that he may disappoint his fans in the future.

He’s continuing to work hard in order to achieve perfection. He hopes that someday, he’ll even be able to show his fans his self-composed music (which we would all love to hear).

EXO's Lay pours his heart out to his fans

Lay also expressed his thanks to all of his fans for their presents and their birthday wishes. He does feel sad because he hears stories of fans who spend all of their hard-earned savings on presents for him, or to buy copies of EXO’s albums.

He says that his fans shouldn’t have to burden themselves like that, and that he’d prefer his fans to only buy EXO’s things if it’s within their means. He says his fans should focus on spending their money on themselves and their families first before on him.

He also expressed how his fans should donate to charity or volunteer their time to help others out! Something that his fans are already doing!

In the end, Lay thanked his fans for all of their love, and that their love and kind words is enough of a present for him. He says that his fans’ support is the strongest motivation for him.

You can check out Lay’s message below! Translation done by EXOM-Trans.

In a year there are 365 days, in a situation where the 24 hours in a day pass by very slowly.
a year and a half has passed~
In this year and a half, there have been too many wonderful surprises, too many emotions, too many sorrows, too many proud moments.

Each time there is a birthday, there is a platform to communicate with you all~
This time in my birthday message, I want to share with everyone my heartfelt words, is that okay? ^^

When I was studying, I never once thought that I would be able to stand on a world stage
Being able to sing for all the people who support me, perhaps this is just a dream.

I just wished for the songs I wrote to be able to receive everyone’s approval, or perhaps, if i have the skills, to do something in the music world.

But now, this dream, because of SM entertainment and you all and those people who have helped me along the way, has been realized!

But I am a little confused, confused about what exactly I have to do?
I may be that kid who has yet to grow up, but my job has given me a sense of responsibility, made me grow, made me carry it and walk on!
On this road, I have slowly felt the way I’ve changed, and these changes may be good and may be bad.
Actually, it’s just like what I’ve said before, I just have a unique job.

I want to be like everyone else, what I want is also just like everyone else, a normal person who is no different from everyone else.
In this period of time, although I have gotten some acknowledgement, but I have not once felt self-satisfied!
I will never give up on working hard! I want to do my best!
I want to tell the people who support me, I don’t want to make you disappointed when it comes to my skills!

Perhaps it’s these kinds of thoughts that make me frequently retreat into my own world, as though no one is able to understand me.
When my friends cheer me on over the phone, and when I think about each and every one of my heroes who support me, I am actually very blessed, things have gone smoothly for me, and I should feel content with what I have.  But if I’m not able to achieve perfection, will you all still support me?
I frequently use this phrase to motivate myself
“Honestly, dreams are not far away, as long as you are willing to work hard to earn it.
Although we may lose sight of the view along the way, in the end we are able to look to the rainbow in the distance!” Don’t you all think so?

Behind what seems to us a simple birthday support, how much effort have you all put in?
And the droplets of sweat from your hard work have fallen in all corners of the world
In order to give me this momentary surprise, you all have perhaps needed to spend a year planning„ a month preparing, a day waiting.
I have seen all these and truly felt all these. You all have worked hard, tired yourselves out, thank you.

Actually I like seeing all of you raising my support signs, like hearing your screams, but seeing you all falling asleep because of waiting, screaming yourselves hoarse, getting hurt because of being squeezed and pushed… I feel my own selfishness.

I just wish that you will all be able to take care of yourselves, don’t get injured, don’t get upset because of anything, even if you get upset you don’t have to fear!
Because there is the healing song that I have made for you all!

At the airport, a fan once asked me something like this “The present that I have specially prepared and another person’s letter that they have specially prepared, what is the difference? Why don’t you accept presents?”
I am unable to answer her, I feel very regretful, I can only say I’m sorry.
I still think if my decision to only accept letters is wrong… leading to me being even hesitant when receiving gifts now.

Actually it’s like this, these are all everyone’s hearts, I know, I understand,
actually for you all to be able to come to our exo’s performance once, buy a copy of our albums, hold up my support signs, scream once for me, or those fans who are far away and unable to meet us, quietly wishing in your heart a ‘happy birthday’ to me etc… these are all the best gifts to me!

Because I heard that some fans, in order to buy a copy of our album, or for a gift, even had to save from their living expenses… that in otrder to do support, it will consume all the financial resources of a person… I know that in reality, we are  all pretty much the same age
Each set of funds does not come around easily, and each set of funds has taken a lot of effort, so I say that I hope everyone can use the money in a meaningful way.

Besides, there are just so many people all over the world who need our help, to be able to help others is a wish that we all agree on, but in terms of finances, I hope that everyone will be able to do it within their own means!
There is a little error here, that may lead to people blindly donating…

And that is that fans may think that a meaningful way must mean to donate, but this is not the case.
In order to help other people and their needs, we can go be volunteers, do volunteer work, etc~
In terms of finances, I hope that before you all send me presents, before you donate, firstly buy some clothes for yourselves, your parents, your family; buy some things that you or your parents and family like, things that they need, or buy some yummy things for yourselves or your family, some nutritious things to replenish your bodies. After all these, then go help those people who need help~ If you have done this, this is already a present for me!

I hope to receive presents like this every year~
And hope that you will let your family like us too~
Happily sitting in front of the television or coming to watch us perform live, isn’t that very blissful?
And also you guys need strength in order to support us right?
You must take care of yourselves, if you don’t how will you all be able to continue supporting us this enthusiastically and vigorously? I know you all are the best, of course you will be able to do it!

And me~ I only have a big head~ a neck, two hands, two legs, two feet, one body, and what you all have given me, I can’t finish wearing~ some, I’m afraid if I don’t wear, you all will be upset and sad.
I have no way of wearing everything, I’m afraid you all will think if you didn’t send something good, or sent something wrong.
Actually, whatever you send is all good! It’s all great! Not just what you send, videos on the net, words… these are all your from your painstaking care! I like them all, love them all! I just wish for you all to be happy everyday~ take care of yourselves~ love yourselves~ actually presents are not that important!
It’s that phrase again, your love for me is a present for me!
And your support is the strongest motivation for me to continue on!

Thank you for everything you have given me~ I love you all~

source: exo-m’s official site
translation cr; [email protected]exom-trans

  1. Hai Blut says

    i wish ever guy in exo have this kind of heart. he is such a amazing person. he might not be handsome like other exo member but his heart is really hadsome. i fall in love with him now

    1. emily_kuzma says

      Except for the fact that he’s super handsome. XD <3 I love Lay, he's such a sweetheart. <3

  2. zeynab says

    This just made me love him even more! He is honestly a hard worker and I
    know that he does his job with all his heart. He practice ever hour of
    the day, he is a very kind person, and he wants to help people and isn’t
    selfish. I wish everyone was like him, he is an amazing person and I
    will continue supporting him! I LOVE YOU Zhang Yixing! <3

  3. realme says

    what he said is truly right..he also a human being like us..don’t be too fanatic until the point u ignore ur famiy and ur responsibilities as a daughter or student

  4. YixieL says

    yixing is really kind hearted… i like what he said that he has a healing song for everyone… and to summarize what present he wants… love one another and dont get hurt…. love ur family and friends and to show it, buy something for them rather than lay bcoz he already have what he needs and wants…. ♥♡♥ and bcoz of this… i love u somuch more yixing…. stay healthy… and dont get also hurt in ur performances… fighting lay oppa! ♥

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