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EXO’s Lay talks about disappointing the other members


EXO’s Lay recently gave an interview about his personal studio, and there he discussed all of the complications that came with it.

He now has an entire new team that he has to lead and that he is responsible for.

He also doesn’t know whether he’ll be successful or if he’ll fail, but this is the road that he chose.

He has a jam-packed schedule that won’t clear up until then middle of 2016… and even then, he’ll probably find a lot of new projects to be working on.

EXO's Lay talks about disappointing his fellow members

Being given a personal studio has been one of the greatest gifts for Yixing, but all of the responsibilities can be overwhelming for him.

EXO’s Lay talked about how when he was first given the studio, the members bombarded him with questions like, “Why do you have a situation to handle?” or “Why are you not participating in EXO’s activities?”

The members were very concerned about Lay being away for so long and every time Lay had to pack up and leave, the group had to reconfigure their dance choreography.

Lay felt very guilty disappointing his fellow members all of the time and being away for so long. He knew that him having personal activities was burdening the team. He would constantly apologize to his team for all of the trouble he caused them.

Because everyone else also has their own personal schedules, there isn’t really ever time for everyone to just sit together and have a heart-to-heart, so when EXO’s “Sing for You” showcase came around and it was his turn to say something to his members, he broke down.

He said his mind just went blank and he couldn’t find the words to say. He said that maybe all he needed to say was a simple apology, but he couldn’t control his emotions.

When he first joined EXO, he felt that he never disappointed anyone and that he always did his best… but now because of all of his responsibilities, he’s been disappointing the group constantly.

He felt very sorry for being burdensome. He felt sorry for not being able to always be with the EXO members, and he felt sorry for having to travel so much between South Korea and China.

Lay says that the EXO members are very understanding of his personal schedule now and they’re very supportive of him and his success. Perhaps they were worried that he might leave them like the others did, but Lay has proven his loyalty time and time again.

We hope that Lay isn’t too pressured by his burdens and that he is able to find success in his personal activities as well as his activities with EXO.

More importantly, we hope he finds some time to rest.

Source: Boon_Yi

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