EXO’s Lay tells anti-fans to back off – His mother shuts down jerk with grace

So Kris supporters/former-EXOtics-turned-anti-fans (seriously can’t they support both EXO and Kris?) have been spreading filth all across the internet.

They’ve been polluting search engines with negative search results surrounding EXO, and they’ve been personally attacking the EXO members, their fans, and even their families.

These anti-fans know no boundaries and they seriously need to be taken down a notch.

EXO’s Lay went on his Weibo account and told these anti-fans to back off.

EXO's Lay tells anti-fans to back off - His mother shuts down jerk with grace

He wrote on his Weibo,

“I don’t care who you are, don’t go scolding my family. Do not touch my fans. In my life, they are the most precious.”

Both Luhan and Tao liked his post.

Lay’s mother also went on her Weibo account and posted a direct remark towards one of the anti-fans. She said (translated by jonqhyeon),

“Kids, we are living in a lawful society. Nobody can control anybody. The user with the ID ********, I don’t know why you are so evil and mean at such a young age. I pity your parents, and I also send your “warm regards” to my whole family! Everyone knows how to scold others, but scolding you would only dirty my mouth.”

She handled the situation with such grace and she completely shut down that person at the same time.

These anti-fans are terrible, and chances are they’ll only get worse. With so much negativity being directed towards EXO right now due to the whole turmoil with Kris, we hope that there are still a lot of Chinese EXOtics out there helping defend the members from these anti-fans.


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  1. YixieL
    August 4, 2014

    dont worry lay~ssi.♥ there are more fans who loves you like me kekeke ♥.. anti fans dont worth ur time… saranghae oppa!

  2. LiLithepanda27
    September 30, 2014

    Aw snap those anti-fans just got owned!

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