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EXO’s Lay to attend an event together with Kris and Luhan?


Well this is going to be awkward. Harper’s Bazaar’s promotional posters say that EXO’s Lay will be attending their charity night event alongside his old friends Kris and Luhan.

The poster really hypes up the reunion by saying,

“Nation’s fresh meat will gather together. Hurry up and gather your own idol! Wu Yifan and Luhan will be having their first stage together with Zhang Yixing after going solo!”

While it would be very interesting to see how these three would interact at Harper’s Bazaar’s event tomorrow night, we have a feeling that SM Entertainment won’t allow Lay to be anywhere near them.

Kris and Luhan will for sure be attending the event though. They even recorded a promo message, which you can check out in the videos below.

EXO's Lay kris and luhan to attend an event together

Some sources say that Lay will not be attending the event, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

It would be even more awkward if Tao was attending the event as well, but it doesn’t seem as though Harper’s Bazaar reached out to him.

Credit: Everypart


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