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EXO’s Luhan and Lay return to China for their Chuseok vacation

SM Entertainment has granted all of their Kpop artists a short vacation so that they can spend Chuseok with their families. The Chuseok holiday is actually on September 19th, however, all of SM Entertainment’s artists were given a few days for their vacation (finally)!

It looks like EXO’s Luhan and Lay have decided to return back to China in order to spend time with their families, whom they haven’t seen for a very long time.

Luhan was looking exceptionally fashionable at Gimpo Airport, with his fiery T-shirt, golden sneakers, Louis Vuiton bag, Burberry passport holder, and Samsung Galaxy S4. I bet he can’t wait to spend time with his parents.

EXO's Luhan and Lay to return home for Chuseok 1

Lay, however, seems to have encountered an obstacle. Apparently he missed his flight back to China! Poor Lay. He was seen by fans at the information desk asking what the problem was. Fans said that Lay was speaking in broken Korean, asking,

“Why can’t I get on the plane? I want to go home. What’s wrong with the flight ticket?”

Lay was able to get his flight rescheduled to a later time. He bought a burger at the airport and waited for his manager to take him back to the dorm. I bet his mood was sour because now he has fewer hours to spend with his family.

We don’t have any information on what Tao is doing for Chuseok… probably keeping Kris company. The other members of EXO will be heading back to their homes in Korea to spend times with their family and to watch all of their Chuseok broadcasts.

Check out EXO’s signatures for Chuseok that they left on Naver!

EXO's signature for Chuseok

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Chuseok, and that everyone gets full off of rice cakes!

Source: SMent.EXO

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