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EXO’s Luhan and Lay to join “Miracles of December” promotions this week!

Starting on December 12th, EXO’s Luhan and Lay will be joining Chen, Baekhyun, and D.O on-stage for EXO’s “Miracles in December” promotions!

The more, the merrier! I wonder how the lines will be divvied up between the members, and whether Luhan and Lay will be singing in Mandarin or Korean.

The 1st stage that these 5 members will be performing on will be M!Countdown this Thursday, so be sure to watch.

Also, on an even more positive note! All 12 members of EXO will be on-stage for next weeks promotions! How the performance will be altered to fit all 12 members is still unknown, but I’m sure that SM Entertainment will find a way to make it amazing.

EXO's Luhan and Lay to join Miracles of December promotion this week

Don’t forget that EXO is now able to win music trophies from these music programs starting on the 12th as well, so be sure to vote! Let’s hope that they snag a few trophies with “Miracles in December”, or… you know, a whole bunch of trophies.


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