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EXO’s Luhan heads to Beijing to film Back to 20s!

While the rest of EXO are heading back to South Korea, EXO-M’s Luhan will be heading to Beijing to start shooting his new movie, Back to 20s.

The movie is based off the successful Korean movie Miss Granny.

Luhan will be playing the main protagonist’s grandson, who falls in love with her when she becomes young again…

Yes, it’s a weird story line, but South Korea somehow made it work!

EXO's Luhan heads to Beijing to film Back to 20s

Originally, Luhan was supposed to start filming Back to 20s back on May 20th, but with the Sewol Ferry tragedy and EXO’s promotions for Overdose being delayed, the production of Back to 20s had to be delayed as well.

The Korean version of Back to 20s, Miss Granny, was a huge success, attracting over 8 million viewers.

We hope that Luhan’s version is just as successful.

With D.O’s filming his new drama It’s Alright, It’s Love, Chanyeol busy starring in SBS’s reality TV show Roommate, and now Luhan filming his new movie Back to 20s, EXO is going to be crazy busy.

We hope that the other 8 members find some gigs to fill their break time as well!

  1. passion burn says

    that picture tho honey ~
    Bless it dearly *grins*
    Good luck Lulu oppa ~

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  4. Yuzuki Tachibana says

    OMG HIS BODY!!!!!! >///////<

  5. LiLithepanda27 says

    The FEELS right now OMG! Why are you doing this to me????!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *fangirls and jumps so happy to see this pic then accidently hits laptop*

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