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EXO’s Luhan talks acting, showering with other members, and roller coasters with IZE Magazine


IZE Magazine had a one-on-one interview with EXO-M’s Luhan. He discussed with them what it was like living with 11 other EXO members, how it was like being the main character in the EXO drama music videos, what he’s afraid of, and what he would be if he wasn’t a member of EXO.

However, before they started talking about him, Luhan clarified some things regarding Xiumin’s “suicide goal” at the Idol Star Athletics Championship. He said that there was misinformation in the news stories, and from what we can tell, Xiumin was actually trying to block the ball from already going into the goal, but failed.

IZE brought up how kind Luhan is. He would always sit back and listen to the other members’ stories, saying “That’s right. That’s right”. He was offered a chair with a cushion during the interview, but he instead gave it to another member. He shows a lot of love and affection towards his fellow members.

Luhan said that living with the other members is great. He grew up as an only child, so by joining EXO and being given 11 brothers (most of which are like little brothers to him), he is happy every day. There is no time for him, or anyone to be bored.

EXO's Luhan talks acting, soccer, and showering with the other members with IZE Magazine

He brought up how EXO showers in a group at a time due to time constraints. At first he was uncomfortable at the idea of showering with other guys, but he grew used to it and, wait for it…. he actually enjoys it now. He says it’s fun showering together because they always play around by spraying at each other and screaming at each other.

When asked about what it was like being the main character in EXO’s drama music videos, he said that it was very difficult. He had to do expression acting a lot because it was his first time acting. He had professional lessons for about an hour, but then he had to dive right into filming.

He said it was awkward at first, but after being given pointers from an acting teacher, it was easier.

Luhan says that while he is a strong man, there is one thing he cannot build enough strength for: Riding roller coasters. Well actually, any rides that go too high up. He can’t go on Merry-Go-Rounds, roller coasters, gyro drops, or anything related. He’s acrophobic.

He finished off the interview by saying that if he wasn’t an EXO member, he would definitely be a soccer player.

Check out Luhan’s interview below.

source: Ize
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans

In order to properly heard Luhan’s voice we had to tilt the surrounding area. It is because he is the type that doesn’t put himself out and quietly listens to the members’ stories and adds “that’s right, that’s right” while smiling brightly. However, even if he doesn’t talk a lot, Luhan’s affection for the other members is shown easily. Whilst talking about <Idol Star Athletics> episodes, when asked about Xiumin’s suicide goal, he was the first to say, “It wasn’t a suicide goal. That is the wrong information.” and he translated the questions with details in Chinese for Tao who is still lacking in Korean. Even when he was offered the seat with a cushion, he said “Ah, it’s okay. I’m alright.” and yielded it so another member can sit on it. Although it wasn’t a long interview, the reason why I think I can know what type of person Luhan is, is because of that incident.

Luhan. I was born on April 20th, 1990. Luhan means ‘dawn deer.’ I haven’t ever thought of wanting to change it to another animal. Because I was an only son, I grew up lonely. However, now I have eleven members and because I have a lot of dongsaengs (t/n: younger siblings), I am happy every day. There is no time to be bored. However, the fact that multiple people have to use the bathroom is a little uncomfortable. Before I didn’t like showering with someone else but now with no choice, because we end showering together, I am enjoying it a lot. It was better than I thought it would be. While showering, screaming and spraying with the members is fun. I really like beef. (Xiumin: You have a part that you really life.) What is it? (Xiumin: Not ribeye, not thin flank, chuck tail flap, striploin, something that has ‘kkot’ in it but I can’t remember.) Haha. If it’s beef, I like it all. I played the main role for the EXO music video drama episode. I did expression acting often but because it was the first time acting, I was a little stressed out. I received acting lessons for about one hour and because there was no time, the next day we filmed. At first it was so awkward. (laughter) However at the setting, my acting teacher showed me a few pointers on how to act as if I was really angry. My standards of a ‘strong man’ is someone who is strong and manly. I am the type that really cannot ride roller coasters. At the park, there is not a ride that I am not afraid of and can ride. Merry-go-round, Viking, roller coasters, Gyro drop, I’m scared of it all. If I can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides a singer I want to be a soccer player.

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