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EXO’s Luhan to star in Chinese version of “Miss Granny”: “Back to 20s”

Yes! EXO’s Luhan has finally snagged his very first solo gig!

It has been confirmed by SM Entertainment that Luhan will be starring in the Chinese remake of “Miss Granny” called “Back to 20s“.

He will be playing the grandson to the female lead in the movie.

Luhan will begin filming for “Back to 20s” beginning on May 20th.

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In “Back to 20s”, Luhan’s character is the grandson of the female lead. The female lead finds a wayt o magically revert back to her 20s.

Luhan’s character falls in love with the younger version of his grandmother without knowing it.

Things get awkward. It sounds like it’s going to be a hilarious movie!

“Miss Granny” was a hit in Korea, receiving over 8 million viewers. We hope that the Chinese version can live up to its reputation.

Before, it seemed as though EXO’s Luhan was getting the short end of the stick compared to the other members of the group.

Every other member would be getting acting gigs, radio show appearances, cameos, and more…

Luhan was offered some of his own gigs, but for one reason or another , SM Entertainment rejected those offers.

I guess SM just wanted Luhan to focus on promoting in Korea during the duration of XOXO and Growl.

Now that EXO-M is promoting in China, it’ll be much easier for the Chinese members of EXO to accept the offers given to them.

Congratulations to Luhan for snagging a major role in “Back to 20s”. We hope that he does his role justice. Perhaps he should sneak in some acting lessons beforehand.

Netizens are just waiting for the chance to dog on yet another one of SM’s idols-turned-actors.

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