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EXO’s Luhan wows netizens with his Futsal performance

It’s no surprise that EXO’s Luhan is an amazing soccer player. We were able to witness that around July when he and Xiumin were both invited to play in a charity soccer game.

But the Futsal event at the Idol Star Athletics Championship was the first time many Korean netizens were able to see Luhan in action.

Luhan amazed everyone with his quick movements and vigilant focus all throughout the game. He wowed them even more when he scored the first goal of the game! Many netizens were surprised that Luhan is so good at sports because to them, he just seems like a flower boy (pretty boy).

Luhan wows netizens with his futsal performance

Netizens were saying that he did really good, especially considering that Team D consisted of many athletic idols as well, including the fearless goalie Roh Ji-Hoon, and the iron legged Doojoon and Kikwang!

It’s good that Luhan is getting some great recognition from the general Korean population! If you haven’t seen the Futsal event yet, you can check out the video in this link here.

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