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EXO’s manager tells sasaeng fans to stop following their car

EXO’s manager, Kim Dalyoung, just upgraded his Instagram in Korean and Chinese, telling sasaeng fans to stop following their car.

He is currently driving Chanyeol around in China for Chanyeol’s schedule.

Sasaeng fans like to stalk the EXO members with like 20+ vehicles, and they drive recklessly, endangering the well-being of anyone and everyone around them.

These sasaeng fans were warned to stop following the members many times, but they’re too stubborn and stupid to listen.

EXO manager tells sasaeng fans to stop following their vehicle

We can only imagine the frustration that EXO’s manager must be feeling, having to drive with these crazy people around.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times these sasaeng fans are told to buzz off, they’ll still swarm around with their craziness.

I think it was only in November 2015 that Chanyeol told sasaeng fans how disruptive and dangerous their stalking was. He was in Shanghai and he said that cars were blocking roads and highways, and trying to trap EXO.

What do these crazy fans hope to accomplish with what they’re doing?

Stay safe EXO and stay safe manager.

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