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EXO’s mini-album “Overdose” to be released on April 21st! Here’s the tracklist

EXO’s mini-album “Overdose” has been slated to be released on April 21st!

The boys will hold their 1st comeback stage via Music Bank on April 18th.

And just like Miracles in December, fans will be able to purchase the title track for “Overdose” tomorrow digitally!

SM Entertainment also plans on releasing EXO’s music video for Overdose tomorrow as well.

EXO's mini-album Overdose to be released on April 21st

“Overdose” will only contain 5 tracks.

It has been revealed that those 5 tracks are:

  1. 중독(Overdose)
  2. Moonlight
  3. Thunder
  4. Run
  5. Love Love Love

You can check out the teasers for those tracks here.

It’s a bit sad that we don’t see any familiar songs from EXO’s pre-debut on this mini-album, but that’s okay.

We love all the tracks that are included.

Each track is unique and shows off EXO’s various colors!

And while were a bit bummed that EXO isn’t promoting as one unit this time around, we are glad that each member is getting more track-time on this mini-album.

Are you excited?

In only 7 days, EXO’s mini-album will be released!

And unlike previous reports, the album will only come in 2 versions: EXO-K and EXO-M’s versions.

And of course, most of us are going to buy both.

Source: EXONyeonDan

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