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EXO’s new mini-album to be released in 24 versions?

Update: It turns out that the 24 versions are only a Rakuten specific offer! EXO’s new mini-album will only come in two versions: Black and White. However, if you buy the albums from Rakuten, you’ll get a special photocard of your bias with your purchase.

As of right now, it seems as though EXO’s new mini-album will be coming in 24 different versions.

On Rakuten’s website, EXO’s mini-album has 24 different listings.

There is a black and a white version for each member in EXO.

We’re worried how this is going to play out… for everyone.

EXO's new mini-album to come in 24 versions

We’re not sure what to make of this, except does SM Entertainment want to milk EXO fans for all the money they can?

Because well, you already know how hard it is for a fan to settle for just one bias in EXO…

Fans will most likely end up buying more than 2 albums.

We sure hope that the perks are worth it for these albums.

Big posters and a photocard of your bias would be nice.

We also hope that the posters are different for both the black and the white version of the albums.

Also, how will this affect the EXO members?

If SM Entertainment is really going through with this, then there will be a popularity war among the EXO members and their individual fanbases.

How would the members with the lowest number of sales feel compared to the other members?

We get that big album sales numbers will be phenomenal for EXO’s career, and it’ll help them win both on music shows as well as the big end-of-the-year ceremonies… but the side-effects of all of this will be pretty bad too.

EXO's new mini-album to come in 24 versions 1

Source: Rakuten


  1. Kelly Park says

    This is not true. The Japanese site that is selling them is giving away 24 different photocards as gifts and you just choose which one you want. There is only 2 version!!! One black and on white.

  2. Guest says

    Who can mass-produce 24 versions of the same album in such a short amount of time? That’s ridiculous :/

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