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EXO’s nominated for #1 at Inkigayo this week!

Great news! EXO has been nominated as one of the contenders for the #1 win at Inkigayo this week!

Here’s an easy way for you to help secure the boys’ win.

And if you haven’t already, order yourself a copy of EXODUS asap!

Also, constantly streaming EXO’s Call Me Baby music videos will help too.

EXO nominated for number 1 this week at inkigayo

We need to get EXO as many music show awards as we can before big artists make their comeback.

Big Bang’s coming back as soon as May and that’s going to roadblock EXO’s consecutive wins.

Let’s hope we can still get the boys at least 10+ wins this time around.

Good luck to EXO! We’ll be working hard to help get them wins.

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