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EXO’s “Overdose” becomes most ordered mini-album in history

EXO’s first full-album “XOXO” became the first album to break 1 million album sales in over 12 years.

And it looks like that moment carried onto EXO’s mini-album “Overdose” because “Overdose” has just been announced as the “most ordered mini-album in history“!

Over 658,710 copies of “Overdose” were pre-ordered!

372,160 copies of EXO-K’s version and 286,550 copies of EXO-M’s version.

SM Entertainment confirms EXO will promote as separate units and will release a mini-album

Today is only the first day sales of the album too! So we can expect “Overdose” to surpass a million copies sold soon.

EXO will be holding many fansign events, solo concerts, as well as Japanese promotional activities that will help them with their sales.

We’re so glad that EXO is growing more and more popular.

Before, netizens were commenting that EXO’s “Growl” was just a one-hit wonder and that the group may never reach that peak in popularity again.

These sales numbers for “Overdose” proves that those netizens are wrong and that EXO is only getting better and better.

If you haven’t already, check out all the tracks on EXO’s “Overdose”.

My favorite track being “Moonlight“.

And if you haven’t already, order the mini-album and support EXO! Higher sales numbers mean more music trophies and a higher chance of them winning end-of-the-year awards!

You can purchase EXO-K’s Overdose here and EXO-M’s Overdose here.

Source: Naver

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