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EXO’s “Overdose” slays weekly music charts all over

EXO’s “Overdose” has unsurprisingly slayed music charts all over this week.

The mini-album took the top 2 spots on Hanteo’s weekly chart, with EXO-K’s version being #1 and EXO-M’s being #2.

The combined 5-day sales of the albums totaled 230,000!

And in a strange turn of events, EXO’s repackaged album “Growl” has taken the #3 position on Hanteo’s chart.

EXO slays weekly charts with Overdose

It’s been 9 months since “Growl” was released, and it’s still sticking to the charts. Amazing.

Aside from Hanteo, Overdose also dominated

But “Overdose” isn’t only dominating in South Korea. It’s taking over charts in China as well.

On Taiwan’s album sales site “Five Music’s Korean-Japanese” chart, “Overdose” ranked #1.

Not only that, all of EXO’s songs on “Overdose”, both Korean and Chinese versions, have taken over the top 10 positions on Baidu King’s music chart.

And on iQiyi’s music video weekly chart, both the Korean and Chinese charts, EXO-K and EXO-M’s music videos for “Overdose” have taken the top positions.

EXO is dominating, and they’re only a week into their comeback.

We hope that “Overdose” sees longevity just like “Growl”.

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