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EXO’s Pop-Up Shop “Boy Who Cried Wolf” will stay open for another month!

EXO’s pop-up shop “Boy Who Cried Wolf” has been given another month of life! The store was previously scheduled to shut down this Sunday, October 6th, but because of its immense popularity, SM Entertainment decided that the store should stick around.

The pop up shop opened up about 2 months ago in August. The shop features 4 different levels, all offering different EXO attire and merchandise that fans can purchase.

The shop has been met with positive results, with many fans showing up and even lining up just so they can purchase goods from their favorite idols.

EXO's pop-up shop Boy Who Cried Wolf to stay open until November

Every week, the store brings in new merchandise that entices fans to make return visits.

SM Entertainment brings in new posters, new photo cards, new clothes and more to convince fans to spend more money.

It’s great that we’re given another month to purchase new EXO gear from BWCW, but if you listen closely, you can hear the wallets of millions of fans crying.

I wonder what kind of new goods BWCW will sell in the next 4 weeks, and whether or not EXO will be present when the store officially closes down.

Credit: ItsLayDo/EXOfanbase

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