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EXO’s promotions for XOXO will end after tonight’s Music Bank

Today, EXO is wrapping up their promotions for XOXO with their final stage for Music Bank. The boys have been promoting their album for 3 months straight, so it’s about time they wrapped things up!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad that these boys won’t do anymore promotions for a while, but at the same time it’s really good that they’ll finally have a lightened schedule. I believe I read somewhere that these boys are currently living off of 2 hours of sleep each day?

That’s pretty harsh. So now that they’re done with their amazingly successful promotions, these boys can get a good night’s sleep.

EXO to finish up XOXO promotions after tonight's Music Bank

On the plus side, we should still be seeing some of these boys around. They’re still fixed cast members for Immortal Song 2, and they will still have some appearances here and there. They just won’t have a hectic schedule like before.

I think, however, the saddest part of all of this is that EXO will go back to being two sub-units. That’s gotta be heartbreaking not only for the fans, but for the members as well. The boys have bonded so much throughout their Wolf and Growl promotions, so it’ll be a really hard adjustment to go back to the way they were a year ago.

Congrats to EXO for making so many achievements this year, and we’re looking forward to their next comeback (whenever that is).

Side note: There are rumors going around that EXO is planning on releasing a mini-album around mid-October, but that sounds highly unlikely. These boys need time to rest, and having a comeback that’s only a month away would be crazy. SM Entertainment would be risking overexposure for EXO, and I doubt they would want to do that.

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