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EXO’s Repackaged Album “Growl” to be released on August 5th

Two months after the release of their first full album, XOXO, EXO is gearing up to make a comeback. It has been confirmed that EXO will be releasing a repackaged album titled “Growl” on August 5th, but the group is gearing up to make their comeback 4 days early on M! Countdown come August 1st.

The repackaged album will feature 3 brand new songs, with the two other songs rumored to be “Run & Gun” and “Time Control”. We should be hearing an official announcement straight from SM Entertainment soon enough to confirm though.

EXO repackaged album Growl to be released on August 5th

It is a little strange, at least to me, for SM Entertainment to have EXO make their comeback so close to f(x)’s comeback. It’ll be sad to see the two compete for the #1 spots on music shows. Nonetheless, it’s very exciting to see EXO back on the stage, especially after their powerful and charismatic promotions with Wolf.

Hopefully after their promotions with Growl, these boys will be given a break. Going 2-3 months with only 2-3 hours of sleep cannot be good for their health.

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