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EXO’s Running Man episode will air on November 10th!

The episode of Running Man that EXO is currently filming for will air on November 10th at 6:10PM!

This episode features 11 out of the 12 members of EXO. Chanyeol is absent because he has to record for Laws of the Jungle – Micronesia Edition.

He isn’t jealous of his fellow members though! He’s actually happy that they can appear on such a fun and popular show.

The EXO members are filming alongside special guests L.A. Dodger Ryu Hyun Jin and Miss A’s Suzy.

EXO's episode of Running Man to air on November 10th

From what fans are seeing, it looks like it’s going to be a very fun episode. Some of the EXO members lost their name tags quickly. Some members betrayed others. Everyone just had a great time.

We’re less than two weeks away before the episode airs! I can hardly wait. Many of us have been waiting to see EXO on Running Man, and now our wishes have come true.

Source: EXO_Fanbase

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  1. Rachel says


    1. AlwaysSayA says

      because. Jealous? Pft.

      1. Rachel says

        none of your business

      2. Hai Blut says

        i’m not jealous of Suzy but i am mad at running man because i can only see exo half of the show and it was suck

  2. lun says

    nooo chanyeol is absent? i swear to god, if channie was here, he’d be so hyperactive and make the show 100% crack.

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