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EXO’s Sehun dominates at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

So the rumors were true. EXO’s Sehun WAS invited to the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion show (although we have no clue where Suho is).

What’s even more amazing was how much attention Sehun was getting at the show.

I mean, freaking Vogue Magazine named him the Best Dressed Man at the show.

Way to go Sehun!

He was also invited to sit at the front row, which is usually reserved for the most important of the important guests.


He took a few selfies with celebrities, including Jaden Smith and Thomas Ye.


EXO Sehun dominates at Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show 24

Also at his arrival, hundreds of french girls were screaming his name, gathering him the attention of everyone attending the event.

EXO’s Sehun, a world star. We love it.

Check out images from his appearance at the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show below. credits to the owners:

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