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EXO’s Sehun literally starts a trend by going back to his rainbow hair

Update: Now that I look at it… this picture might be old. Baekhyun has his red hair from the Wolf days.


EXO’s Sehun is back to having rainbow colored hair! Oh how we’ve missed it.

Sehun proved to be quite the trendsetter… literally. As soon as this picture of him with his rainbow hair started making its way around the internet, there was a trend for #SehunRainbowHair all over Twitter.

He really proves that he’s an “It-Boy“, and that with just the change of his hair color, he can cause a worldwide buzz.

EXO's Sehun is back with his rainbow hair


Sehun is one of very few people who can pull of the rainbow hair color. Even the other EXO members say so. I believe it was Suho, or Kris, who said that he loved Sehun’s rainbow hair, but he wouldn’t be able to pull it off himself.  I also believe it was Chen who said that Sehun looked like a parrot.

These guys.

Alongside #SehunRainbowHair, EXO fans also got together and started trending #EXOForever12, #Wolf88Jacket and #EXOWolf88. I’m not sure why, but hey, everyone’s going along with it.

I’m glad that Sehun’s back with his rainbow colored hair. It really goes well with his milky smooth skin!

  1. Emma Van says

    >.< its because there was a giveaway for wolf88 jackets and to win his one you had to tweet that hashtag

    1. Ye Ziyu says

      jinjja ?

      1. Emma Van says

        yea from the twitter account EXOfficial_ but it may have been fake and it seems the giveaway has been discontinued since #unfollowexofficial_ trended today

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