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EXO’s Sehun sponsored a huge meal at a children’s welfare center

EXO’s Sehun showed off his kind heart, once again, today with a visit to a children’s welfare center.

It was completely out of the blue.

He went in and sponsored a huge meal for all of the children there. And he didn’t spare any expense.

The meals he provided for the children was comprise mainly of meat, which we know can be very pricey in South Korea.

At least that’s what Luhan had mentioned in an interview once before.

After making his generous donation, he wound up playing with the kids and holding an impromptu fansign event for everyone there.

One of the people at the center (who didn’t know Sehun) was completely confused.

They said, 

“Who (on Earth) goes to a welfare center to hold a fansign?”

They continued, 

“The man was wearing a black, long-padded coat. He went to the welfare center, and he seemed like an idol because that’s what all the idols wear nowadays. All of the children were screaming. It seems it was an EXO member who just went in. He gave so many signatures and took a lot of photos. He did a lot of things. He’s very tall.”

Sehun’s such a great guy.


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