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EXO’s Sehun under fire from netizens over offensive comment

It looks like the maknae of EXO, Sehun is under fire yet again from netizens.

After the sasaeng fan leaked a private audio clip of EXO playing League of Legends with their friend (and apologized for it), netizens are beginning to see Sehun in a different light.

EXO fans are also seeing Sehun in a different light.

While many of us know Sehun as being the “bratty” maknae, a lot of us were just being playful with it. But now people are beginning to take that nickname seriously.

EXO's Sehun underfire from netizens due to his comment

Netizens have been criticizing Sehun over a specific part of the leaked audio recording, where you can clearly hear Sehun tell his friend,

“Don’t call me Oh Sen. That’s what those fans call me.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure if Sehun is talking about EXO’s sasaeng fans, or all of his fans in general.

Netizens are interpreting it as the latter. They commented on his remarks, saying things like:

5. [+46, -19] I think EXO fans should be thankful to this sasaeng ㅋㅋㅋ All because of her, now you know what your loving oppa really feels about you~~~ That nickname you gave him Oh Sen~ Oh Sen~~~ the one that he responded to you by saying, “I love you fans~ We’ll work hard~~”… but behind your backs, he’s telling another girl, “Don’t call me Oh Sen!!! That’s what those fans call me!!!!!” ㅋㅋㅋ Don’t piss your oppa off~ he just sees you as money

7. [+34, -5] You know what’s the most hul about all of this… When I heard him say, “Only those fans call me Oh Sen, I don’t want to hear it here so don’t call me that”… I really didn’t care whether they were swearing or playing a game with a girl.. It just showed his true feelings about his fans.

8. [+33, -9] While fans were screaming “Oh Sen~ Oh Sen~” their lungs out and Sehun was replying back, “Thank you, I love you all, I’ll always work hard”, he was really thinking inside, “That’s what those fans call me!!!”

9. [+31, -8] Sehun: Don’t call me Oh Sen!!!! That’s what those fans call me!!!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Listening to the audio clip, the netizens feel that Sehun has been lying to his fans, saying that he loves them and that’ll he’ll work hard for them. And this brought up the whole controversy surrounding the idol system. The one where people believe that all idols are just manufactured and that they are only lying to their fans to please them. That, and they only see their fans as money.

Sehun isn’t helping that stereotype.

This also opened the gates to Sehun’s past, where he seems constantly bored or annoyed while attending events.

But of course, many fans are defending Sehun, saying that he only directed his comment towards sasaeng fans. Others are saying that he was just mad during the League of Legends game, so that’s why he said those hurtful things. They also commented saying that his face is just “like that”, and that it’s not a true reflection of who he is.

We really won’t know what Sehun truly meant by what he said, but he’ll probably release an apology soon to his fans. That, and he’s probably going to be scolded (again) by SM Entertainment.

Hopefully his comment, as well as those leaked audio files, won’t have any impact on EXO’s career, or their current promotions. They just released their special Winter album “Miracles in December“. It would be a shame if their sales decreased due to this issue. It would be even more terrible if they don’t win a lot of trophies from their upcoming music show performances due to this controversy.

Netizen translations credited to NetizenBuzz.

  1. Lay says

    Its is CLEARLY referring to Saesangs. Gosh some netizens can be quite stupid. If he were referring to his fans he would’ve said “Thats what my fans call me” not “THOSE fans”. He’s referring to an specific type of fan…..and its probably saesang, since he said it in such manner

    1. buttercup says

      Oh Sen is what his fans call him.

      1. Lay says

        IK, and he may have referred to them in general, but using the word “Those”…makes me think he refers to saesangs

        1. Yi Yi says

          If he hates his fan, why would he bother to use the word ‘my’? He will just refer to his fans as ‘those’.

    2. Jessica Csjh says

      i think hes referring to fans as well because 9/10 korean exo fans call him that.

      also cant blame him for what he has been through

  2. Hai Blut says

    after read this i feel sorry for his fan. i’m glad i am not his fan. i am Luhan fan

  3. Trézannah Monga MacCauley says

    I like Sehun, but despite what some Netizens say, I’m pretty sure he is only referring to the saesangs. There is an obvious emphasis on the word ‘those’. I hope it doesn’t affect the rest of the boys though :/

  4. Violetaoi S says

    None of my exofans friends call him OH SEN ? WTF that’s weird , most exofans at fansigning or fancam at concert even call him Oh SEHUN or Sehunaa or Oh Mija
    but idk in non official event , maybe stalker call him that
    but i want to be honest i think sehun’s personality really changed from MAMA i think because the pressured that stalker gave to him

  5. Vanessa Anne says

    Poor Sehun. Sehun is not bratty and I believe that he really loves us. 🙁

  6. 송매린 says

    Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t think he meant this in an offensive way. Words can get taken out of context and blown out of proportion so easily. Saying ‘those fans’ kind of makes me think that there are two groups. ‘Those’ and ‘these’. He could easily be talking about only sasaengs, or on the other hand, he could be talking about all fans, but not necessarily offensively. If I were in his situation, I wouldn’t want to be called the same things fans call me when I have time off.

  7. Hai Blut says

    He’s kind of fake and I was kind of upset because of this but I try not to get too upset with him because i love Luhan very much. he seems like Luhan be love brother and people also say he was a couple with Luhan

    1. Hai Blut says

      I only forgive him because if this reason

  8. greenceleste says

    GUYS YOU’RE NOT HIM, stop guessing -.- . just give him a break,he needs
    S P A C E.

  9. HeartSehun says

    It makes me happy to think that Sehun also plays League. He’s so handsome it’s like he’s from a different world and hearing that he also plays popular games just like the rest of us closes that gap. I heart Sehun because he’s human. :’)

  10. Siwon World™ says

    Eu acredito no Sehun.. ele com certeza não é dessa forma. Ou eu estou enganada ou ele não é assim, realmente…

  11. Helena Magick says

    I would have probably have my patience destroyed from the beginning. I have no idea how he can stand sasaeng fans calling him “oh Sen”.
    But what can we do? he’s human. nothing to be said

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