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EXO’s Showtime series finale to air next Thursday

EXO’s Showtime is about to come to an end.

Next week’s episode, episode 12, will be EXO’s “last story”.

There are rumors spreading around, saying that EXO’s Showtime will be renewed for a new 30-episode second season, however, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

It’s depressing to know that we won’t be having any more 1-hour windows into EXO’s lifestyle anymore.

엑소의 쇼타임을 시작합니다

EXO’s Showtime’s final episode will be a jam-packed episode.

The EXO members will be sharing touching stories, playing games with one-another, singing tunes together, and most likely eating something delicious together.

Considering it’s the series finale, we hope that the final episode will receive a high viewership rating.

With EXO’s impending comeback, as well as their soon-to-be debut into the Japanese market, it makes sense for the boys to end their reality show… at least for the time being.

I’m sure not all hope is lost. EXO’s Showtime was very successful, so I’m sure SM Entertainment will want to capitalize on it in the future.

Now what about that official fanclub for EXO? It was supposed to be revealed on the premiere episode of EXO’s Showtime, but that didn’t happen, and there wasn’t any hint at it being revealed during the series finale for the show.

We do wonder what SM Entertainment has planned.

For those who don’t know, on September 19th, 2013, SM Entertainment began the process of choosing EXO’s fanclub’s official name. Soon afterwards, they started accepting applications for fanclub supporters, with the promise of the official fanclub opening by the end of 2013. The process has been unexpectedly delayed.

We hope that we do find out EXO’s official fanclub by the series finale… or at least within this year.

  1. Midnight.Rose says

    Ahh! I’m gonna cry!

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