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EXO’s Suho and his creepy Japanese Sasaeng fan “Rion”


Sasaeng fans creeping out EXO isn’t anything new, but we’d like to bring to attention a creepy Japanese sasaeng fan that has been making Suho very uncomfortable.

Other EXO-L discovered that her name is Rion and rumor has it that she runs a fansite for Suho and Chen called “Moncheri“.

She is a ’99er and she sent Suho a tissue with a kissmark on it. It gets worse… trust me.

Fans attending the event said that Suho felt very uneasy in her presence. Poor Suho.

EXO's Suho and his creepy Japanese Sasaeng fan

They realized why he was so uncomfortable around her. It’s because she was begging him to “rape” her constantly. And apparently, this isn’t the first time that she’s done this.

She follows Suho to almost all of his events and says vulgar, sexual stuff like this to him all the time.

EXO-L have been blowing up social media over this girl. Some EXO-L apparently splashed water on her after recognizing her. Good for them.

I really feel bad for Suho, and EXO in general, for having to put up with this crap. Why do these crazy fans have to come out of the woodwork.

Can’t they just be normal and buy EXO’s albums/stream their music on Spotify like the rest of us?

Suho tries to be professional and ignore her, but he also can’t seem to help but glare at her whenever she is around.

Who can blame him though?

We hope that the boys can have a peaceful promotion for “Sing for You” without these pests bothering them the entire time.

EXO's Suho and his creepy Japanese Sasaeng fan 1EXO's Suho and his creepy Japanese Sasaeng fan 2

EXO Suho Japanese sasaeng Rion 1EXO Suho Japanese sasaeng Rion 2EXO Suho Japanese sasaeng Rion 3EXO Suho Japanese sasaeng Rion 4EXO Suho Japanese sasaeng Rion

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