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EXO’s Suho calls Sehun up for a speed quiz on Sukira Radio


EXO’s Suho and Kai were both guest DJs for Sukira Kiss the Radio today because Ryeowook is in Mexico with the rest of the Super Junior members.

During the quiz portion of the radio show, Suho decided to call up Sehun to be his partner… which ended up being a mistake.

While their quiz session wasn’t as funny as Kai and Taemin’s, hilarity still ensued.

Sehun does know a lot about Suho, which is good because they’re group mates, but for the questions he had trouble with, he replied with hilarious answers.

EXO's Suho calls up Sehun for a speed quiz

Here’s the conversation:

Suho: Sehuna, when is my birthday?

Sehun: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Suho: When is Suho-hyung’s birthday?

Sehun: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The 21st…. of May? 22nd? (He was right the second time).

Suho: What food am I the best at cooking?

Sehun: What?

Suho: The food that hyung is the most good at making?

Sehun: You’re not good at making anything.

Suho: Isn’t Ramen the best food that hyung can cook?

Sehun: Ramen…? I don’t think so.

Suho: What was my age when I debuted?

Sehun: 21…?

Suho: What do you mean I debuted when I was 21??

Sehun: Didn’t we debut 2 years ago?

Suho: Aigoo

Suho: What’s my father’s occupation?

Sehun: Hyung’s father’s occupation? Professor.

Suho: The school that I graduated from?

Sehun: Daechi-Dong

Suho: Daechi-Dong is where I live…but the school I went to was Gaepo-Dong.

Suho: What was my highest academic ranking in class?

Sehun: What?

Suho: My highest academic ranking in class?

Sehun: Probably first…

Suho: No. What’s the size of my foot?

Sehun: 265cm

Suho: My rank in EXO according to age?

Sehun only got 2 of the questions correct.

After the quiz was over, Suho asked Sehun some general questions:

Suho: What were you doing before you picked up the phone?

Sehun: I was um….

Suho: You were gaming, weren’t you?

Sehun: No, I was watching dramas. “The ??? Housekeeper” (He didn’t say the full name because he was afraid you couldn’t say it on broadcast.

Suho: Sehun’s favorite dramas are Choi Ji Woo sunbaenim’s dramas.

Suho: When and how did you become close to Suho-ssi?

Sehun: During our trainee days. I can’t forget our first meeting at all. I was like an innocent child who didn’t know anything… I think I greeted him. He said with a serious face, “What kind of a greeting was that?”

Kai: Suho-ssi was like a sunbae at the time, wasn’t he?

Sehun: He was the best.

Kai: So you guys are really close right? You guys aren’t just pretending to be close on broadcast?

Sehun: Yes, we’re close. We talk a lot.

Suho: We contact each other at least once a day right?

Sehun: Yes

Suho: Today, Kai and I are DJ’s for Sukira’s Kiss the Radio. Who do you think is the better DJ?

Sehun: Kai.

You can see how well EXO has bonded over time, and the adorable relationship EXO-K’s maknae has with his leader.

Translation credit: SuChen_ism/EXOTown

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